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Ever heard of Tony Stark texting and driving? Neither have we. That's why we built HeadsUP!, a transparent windshield display that integrates with your smartphone.

HeadsUP! displays messages and navigation from your phone.

What is HeadsUP!

Voice and Gesture Control.

Make or take phone calls, and control HeadsUP! entirely through voice commands and gesture controls.

Stay Connected.

Need to respond to an urgent message? Just talk to HeadsUP! to compose a message and send it with a simple finger swipe.

Use Your Favorite Apps. Safely.

Use popular messaging apps. Or launch your favorite music app. All without touching your phone.

Compatible with iOS and Android


So simple, even your toddler can use it. (Not Recommended: toddlers driving)

Compatibility. Use your favorite iOS and Android device.

Audio. Built-in Mics and Speakers to Hear you and Respond.

Connectivity. Use Bluetooth 4.0, Micro-USB and Apple Lightning Wire to connecto to HeadsUP!

Voice Control. Use your voice to compose messages, navigate and make calls.

Easy Installation. If it take you more than 60 seconds to install, we'll ship you a koala bear. Just kidding it'll take less.

Gesture Control. Simply point to an app to launch it.

Portable. Add it on to any car. Even Herbie. Don't own a car? Now even your rental car can look cool.

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